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Stockport RA showcase School: Dial Park Primary’s Ofsted inspection, January 2017:

Stockport school: Broadstone Hall Primary’s Ofsted Inspection, April 2017:

“The inspection had a focus on the behaviour of pupils. The results of Ofsted’s online questionnaire, Parent View, showed that the large majority of parents believe that school leaders deal with behaviour incidents and any bullying well. Parents recognise the importance of the opportunities pupils are given to discuss sensitive issues in a supportive situation. Pupils are encouraged to discuss relationships and to understand the importance of accepting responsibility and apologising in improving behaviour.

” Behaviour in lessons and around school is good. Pupils support each other well informally and through a range of structured systems. Year 6 pupils are trained to be ‘restorative resolvers’ who sort out minor disagreements. Pupils play together well. Older pupils explained how they had supported each other following a test by holding a ‘surgery’ to think about how they had explained answers. ”

Stockport RA Showcase school: Castle Hill High’s Ofsted Inspection, May 2017:

“Pupils’ attitudes and engagement in lessons are outstanding, as is their spiritual, moral, social and cultural development. Their behaviour in and around school is exemplary. Pupils with more complex needs make outstanding progress in their social and personal skills due to excellent support from the school’s inclusion team and from staff working in the specialist classroom called ‘The Hub’.” 

Stockport RA Showcase school: Arden Primary’s Ofsted Inspection, February 2016:

“Pupils behave well. They have a strong sense of right and wrong. The ‘Always’ approach helps them understand the importance of managing their own behaviour and making the right choices.”

“The school’s work to promote pupils’ personal development and welfare is outstanding. Pupils described the school as good and, when asked why, responded, ‘we are about each other’ and, ‘there are a lot of very kind children here’.”

Relationships are excellent throughout the school. Pupils are successfully encouraged to take on a range of responsibilities, for example, as school councillors, that further develop their personal skills and show them how they can    contribute to wider society. ”

Stockport RA school: Brookside Primary’s Ofsted Inspections, 2013 & 2017:

2017: “Pupils’ leadership skills are well developed through opportunities to contribute as student leaders, healthy leaders, play leaders, learning leaders and charity leaders. The school’s approach to resolving problems is led by staff and trained pupils who take on roles as ‘restorative stars’ or ‘restorative monitors’. Pupils can explain and clearly understand the approach of ‘respect, responsibility and restore which runs throughout the school, from reception to Year 6. As a result of this broad range of experiences, pupils are well prepared for high school and for life in modern Britain.”

2013:  “The school’s inclusion manager and other staff have been highly successful in implementing a system of restorative justice. This has enabled all members of the school community, including parents, to prevent conflicts between pupils and to skilfully deal with any minor ‘fall-outs’. A typical response from Key Stage 1 pupils when asked how they would like such fall-outs to be resolved is, ‘I would like an apology’.”

2013:  “Pupils in all year groups are adamant that bullying rarely occurs. The school’s behaviour logs confirm that behaviour is typically outstanding over time. The school’s restorative justice log shows very few incidents. With teachers’ help, pupils resolve many of these incidents themselves. “

Stockport RA Showcase school: Vernon Park Primary’s Ofsted Inspection, 2014:

“Relationships in lessons and throughout the school are very positive. The stimulating classrooms, corridors and the outdoors contribute to a very positive atmosphere for learning across the whole school.”

Stockport RA Showcase school: Hazel Grove Primary’s Ofsted Inspection, Summer 2017:

“Staff morale is high and pupils are happy. A typical comment from a member of staff is, ‘Our ethos builds on support, encouragement, kindness and well-being for all.’ Pupils with whom I spoke agree strongly with this view.”

“A key strength of the school remains the positive attitudes and behaviour of pupils. They are keen, polite and well mannered. They want to learn. Staff and leaders focus closely and successfully on helping pupils to be ready for many of the opportunities of life in modern Britain. For example, pupils are respectful of differences between themselves and others. They understand how to respect rules and express differences of opinion appropriately.”

“Throughout the inspection, children’s eagerness to learn and to talk proudly about their school shone through. Pupils love attending Hazel Grove. They talk excitedly about recent improvements in the curriculum. They respect the fact that people are different and unique. For example, they understand that disability does not prevent success. They understand that if included, all people can achieve much. Pupils respect that children may live in different types of family. Pupils feel that their views about the world matter to staff. They feel listened to and respected. Older pupils benefit from learning about topical issues, such as Britain’s exit from the European Union. Pupils care about one another, their school and about the wider world.”

RA Showcase school: Bolshaw Primary’s Ofsted Inspection, September 2017:

Lynda Brown,Headteacher, reflected on how the Ofsted Inspectors were especially interested in the whole school circle assemblies that take place at school. The final report reflects on the impact that the explicit investing in building and maintaining relationships has had in school.
“The very caring and calm ethos that is at the heart of Bolshaw Primary is tangible throughout the school.You have created an environment that has the well-being of pupils and staff at its core. This means that pupils flourish and staff feel proud to work at he school.”
“This is a truly inclusive school where all pupils are valued as individuals…In this nurturing environment these pupils make great progress, in their learning and development.”