10th October 2023

APPG on restorative justice

The All Party Parliamentary Group on restorative justice published a report on ‘Implementing restorative practices in education, health and social care’.

This found that:

‘Across the three sectors of education, health and social care, some common themes emerged. In all three Executive Summary sectors, restorative practice presents and represents an alternative to the status quo: in schools, an alternative to behaviourist, punitive approaches; in health, an alternative to disciplinary responses to harms that occur within the workforce, and to the litigation culture; and in social care, an alternative to professional and process-centred approaches. In all three sectors, it is recognised that embedding a restorative culture takes time and requires informed long-term commitment by leaders. In order to build capacity within the systems and thereby become sustained, implementation needs to go beyond a mere train-and-hope approach and be more evidence-based and strategic. The common benefit of adopting a more restorative approach in these human-centred sectors is that it places people at the centre of processes.’

The full report can be found here:

You can also download a summary of the findings here:

APPG report Summary of Findings