Further Reading

  • Just Schools by Belinda Hopkins
  • Restorative Justice Pocket Book by M Thorsbourne & D Vinegrad
  • Restoring the Balance By Cathy Warren
  • The little book of restorative discipline for schools: By L Amstutz.
  • Restorative Theory in Practice: Insights Into What Works and Why by Belinda Hopkins
  • Implementing Restorative Practice in Schools: A Practical Guide to Transforming School Communities By Thorsborne and Blood.
  • Little Book of Restorative Justice By Zehr
  • The Restorative Classroom by Belinda Hopkins
  • Restorative Circles in Schools by Costello, Wachtel & Wachtel
  • The Grab and Go Circle Time Kit: For Teaching Restorative Behaviour by Bill Hansberry
  • What are you staring at? by Pete Wallis and Joseph Wilkins
  • Restorative Practice and Special Needs by Burnett and Thorsborne
  • The Psychology of Emotion in Restorative Practice by Thorsborne & Kelly
  • Better Than Carrots or Sticks: Restorative Practices for Positive Classroom Management by Smith & Fisher
  • Using Restorative Circles in Schools: by Follestad & Wroldsen
  • Getting more out of Restorative Practice in Schools by Nancy Riestenberg & Gillian McCluskey
  • Positive Peace in Schools by Hilary Cremin & Terence Bevington






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