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Cath Jolleys


Dial Park Primary Year 6 Restorative House Captains

What do you see in a restorative approach to conflict?

Restorative approaches house captains asking questions, people in the quad, taking turns to talk, calm conversations, listening and trying to be calm.

Dial Park Primary Year 6 children

Circles help us to…

Know what we are going through improve confidence, be kind to each other, not argue, know how each other feels, regain relationships, build relationships and help other people do this, keep calm and know other peoples thoughts.

Dial Park Primary Year 6 Restorative House Captain

I like circles because…

you get advice, know people better, we can help each other, fun, share information, help people who are struggling, keeps me calm, give advice to people who need it.   

Jenny and Yvonne, Moorfield Pre-School

“Most of our parents, in November’s parents’ evening, asked us what we did in CIRCLE TIME, as it was their child’s favourite time of the day!”